These are the Lets Create characters I have designed in their basic form. For the thought process behind creating them, check the following posts;

Bruno Brown (Broken Bear Vagrant)

  • Traits: Body D8, Speed D6, Mind D6, Will D6, Species D8, Type D6, Career D4.
  • Skills: Endurance (+D6+D8+D8), Evasion (+D6), Presence (+D6+D8), Fighting (+D8), Negotiation (+D4), Observation (+D4)
  • Gifts: Noncombatant, Giant, Wrestling, Streetwise, Survival
  • Soaks: Frenzy Soak -2
  • Gear; Keepsake, Rough Outfit, Bindle on a Stick
  • Initiative; D6+D4. Dodge; D6+D6. Rally; D6.

Felicia Flair – Famous Fox Actress

  • Traits: Body D4, Speed D6, Mind D6, Will D6, Species D6, Type D8, Career D8.
  • Skills: Athletics (+D6), Endurance (+D6), Observation (+D6+D8), Deceit (+D8+D8), Presence (+D8+D8), Tactics (+D8)
  • Gifts: Coward, Danger Sense, Leadership, Performance, Team Player
  • Soaks: Injury Soak -4
  • Gear: Hairclip, Fancy Outfit, Pocket Pistol, Shakespeare Play
  • Initiative: 2D6+D8+D12. Dodge: D6. Rally: D6+D8+D12.

Douglas “Digger” Danger – Hard-Boiled Dog Detective

  • Traits: Body D6, Speed D8, Mind D6, Will D6, Species D8, Type D6, Career D4
  • Skills: Athletics (+D8), Observation (+D8+D4), Tactics (+D8), Endurance (+D6), Presence (+D6), Shooting (+D6), Deceit (+D4), Questioning (+D4).
  • Gifts: Brawling, Tracking, Gossip, Streetwise
  • Soaks: Winded Soak -1, Hurt Soak -3.
  • Gear: Hip Flask, Rough Outfit, Service Pistol, Magnifying Glass
  • Initiative: D4+D6+D8. Dodge: D8. Rally: D6+D8