Lets Create: Urban Jungle Characters – Douglas ‘Digger’ Danger

Before having a quick look at the mechanics in action, I thought I would add a third character to the mix, as the previous two, Felicia Flair and Bruno Brown, were not suited towards fighting should matters turn physical. Though in Bruno’s case that was more because of his pacifism.

So to fix that I am building another character to aid them should the need arise.

Douglas “Digger” Danger – Hard-boiled Dog Detective

Douglas “Digger” Danger is a dog with a nose for trouble – and the dames. Even though he is new to the Private Eye game, he has seen and done much in the seedy underbelly of the big city.

There is little that is more quintessentially noir than a hard-boiled private eye, the tough-as-nails type who has seen the worst of the city and doesn’t get easily spooked or surprised anymore. So the choice of Hard-Boiled for Type and Detective for Career. And for species, it is hard to go passed a Dog both for the alliteration and the fact they are good at tracking and sniffing out things.

Dog gives him the skills of Athletics, Observation and Tactics and the gifts of Brawling and Tracking.

Hard-Boiled gives him the skills of Endurance, Presence and Shooting and the Soaks of Winded-Soak and Hurt Soak.

Detective gives him the skills of Deceit, Observation and Questioning and the gifts of Gossip and Streetwise.

Assigning the dice for him, I give him D8 for Species – he is a good dog, yes he is – and also Speed. Like many dogs he is always on the move and finds it hard to stay still for long. For his poor dice I stick that in Career. He is only just starting out in the P. I. game and beginning to make a name for himself.

Traits: Body D6, Speed D8, Mind D6, Will D6, Species D8, Type D6, Career D4

Most of the skills are already covered when creating the previous two characters, so the new skills and gifts work as follows;

Shooting is what it says on the tin – it is used for ranged weapons, like guns and bows. Unlike most other skills, it is only ever paired with Speed.

Questioning is the skill of gossiping to find our rumours, to seperate those rumours from facts, to interrogate people and to piece it all together.

Brawling gives Douglas bonus attack moves – Grapple, Pummel and Overbear – which are superior to simple unarmed attacks.

Tracking means Douglas gets a bonus D12 to Observation checks when trying to follow someone – or to Evasion to avoid being followed himself.

Gossip gives a bonus D12 to Questioning, but takes a lot of time and requires numerous people.

Winded Soak allows you to ignore 1 point of damage, and can be recharged by taking a recover action in combat.

Hurt Soak reduces damage by 3, and can be used one per scene, which is about once ever 5 minutes.

For his personality, Douglas is Suspicious – he suspects everyone and everything. Whenever he is in a situation where suspicions are up he gains a bonus D12.

He receives for his Gear a Hip Flask, a Rough Outfit, a Service Pistol and a Magnifying Glass.

His derived stats are; Initiative: D4+D6+D8, Dodge: D8 and Rally: D6+D8.

With that all done, we can get a picture of what Douglas is like, someone who is very good at finding things out and finding people, places and items, especially where the criminal underbelly is involved. And if all that sniffing around leads to trouble, he can take care of himself in a fight.

Douglas “Digger” Danger – Hard-Boiled Dog Detective

Traits: Body D6, Speed D8, Mind D6, Will D6, Species D8, Type D6, Career D4

Skills: Athletics (+D8), Observation (+D8+D4), Tactics (+D8), Endurance (+D6), Presence (+D6), Shooting (+D6), Deceit (+D4), Questioning (+D4).

Gifts: Brawling, Tracking, Gossip, Streetwise

Soaks: Winded Soak -1, Hurt Soak -3.

Gear: Hip Flask, Rough Outfit, Service Pistol, Magnifying Glass

Initiative: D4+D6+D8. Dodge: D8. Rally: D6+D8

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