Cyberpunk Red Homebrew: Australia in the Time of the Red

I have been playing Cyberpunk for many, many years now, and as an Australian always had my games set in Australia. Cyberpunk 2020 had the Pacific Rim sourcebook that covered the situation in Australia at that period of time, but with Cyberpunk Red, the timeline has shifted forward a quarter of a century. Apart from a couple of very minor mentions, what has happened to Australia in the intervening time remains unknown.

So I have homebrewed up a version of Australia in the Time of the Red.

Economically depressed, politically unstable, with high levels of unemployment and poverty, Corps trying to muscle back in and a half built city that acts as a focal point for smuggling and piracy – government sanctioned as well.

These are just early notes. It still needs a bit more fleshing out and expanding on.

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