Lets Create: Urban Jungle Characters – The Bad Guys

I’m going to do one last batch of Urban Jungle characters before moving on to look at the next system, and these are the bad guys. Yes, you don’t have to be the good guys – you can be the mobsters, the crooks, the hitmen and the like if you want. I’m not going to go into the detail of this last lot as most of it has already been covered already. Anything new I will pick up on though.

So without further ado, here they are; Chris Cutter the Crooked Crocodile Politician, Mabel May, the Lucky Mouse Mobster and Big Bad Barry Bodrov himself, the Boss Badger Bootlegger.

Chris Cutter – Crooked Crocodile Politician

Christopher “Just Call Me Chris” Cutter has his fingers in every pie he can gets his hands on, using his political connections to do so. Just watch out for those tears if he ever gets caught…

Traits: Body D6, Speed D4, Mind D8, Will D6, Species D6, Type D8, Career D6

Skills: Deceit (D8+D6+D6), Negotiation (D8+D6), Questioning (D8), Endurance (D6), Fighting (D6), Academics (D6)

Gifts: Leadership, Brawling, Swimming, Bribery, Diplomacy

Soaks: Sneaky Soak -2

Gear: Three bobby pins, a pocket knife, a soft handkerchief, fancy outfit, campaign buttons.

Personality: Greedy

Initiative: D8. Dodge: D4. Rally: D6.

Chris Cutter is very good at lying, cheating and conniving, as would be expected, but he isn’t afraid to get his hands dirty if needed, with a little physicality should it be called for.

Academics is used to cover book learning – maths, history, geography and so on.

Swimming gives Chris Cutter a bonus D12 on Athletics rolls for swimming.

Bribery is used when you try to offer a bribe on a Deceit, Negotiation or Presence etc roll, giving a bonus D12. In addition, if you fail the roll, you don’t automatically offend the target.

Diplomacy also gives a bonus D12 to Deceit, Negotiation or Presence rolls that take place in a diplomatic setting where you have at least an hour to talk to the target, and also on a failed check doesn’t offend the target.

Sneaky Soak reduces damage by 2 and recharges when you hide.

Mabel May – Lucky Mouse Mobster

Maybe she was born with it, or maybe she made her own luck, but whatever the case, everything always seemed to fall in Mabel’s favour. In her line of work, she needs every bit of luck she can to survive.

Traits: Body D4, Speed D8, Mind D6, Will D6, Species D6, Type D6, Career D8

Skills: Athletics (D6+D6), Craft (D6), Evasion (D6+D6), Observation (D6), Negotiation (D8), Presence (D8), Shooting (D8)

Gifts: Luck, Contortionist, Coward, Bullet Conservation, Streetwise

Soaks: Hurt Soak -3

Gear: A pocket bible with a bullet stuck in it, fancy outfit, pocket pistol, challenge pin.

Personality: Sneaky

Initiative: 2D6. Dodge: D4+2D6+D8. Rally: D6.

Mabel is very good at keeping out of trouble, at dodging danger and trouble, as well as navigating her way around the seedy underbelly of the big smoke.

Craft is the catch-all for working with your hands, be it building, making new things or repairing.

Luck allows you to re-roll any or all dice once a chapter, though you have to take the new roll. If it was an opposed roll, you can also make the opponent re-roll as well.

Contortionist gives the special Contortionist Attacks of Wriggle and Squirm, used to break free of holds or restraints, and also gives a D4 Cover bonus when dodging.

Bullet Conservation means that you raise your ammo dice by one level (from say D4 to D6). When firing a gun, a roll of 1 means the ammo counter goes down so you get more shots than normal.

Big Bad Barry Bodrov – Boss Badger Bootlegger

Barry may have started out as a humble bootlegger but has now progressed to running all the bootlegging operations of the city, and woe betide anyone that gets in his way because this badger has one mean streak.

Traits: Body D6, Speed D4, Mind D6, Will D8, Species D6, Type D8, Career D6

Skills; Endurance (D6), Fighting (D6), Presence (D6+D8), Negotiation (D8), Tactics (D8), Deceit (D6), Evasion (D6), Transport (D6)

Gifts: Brawling, Stealth, Entourage, Chemistry, Streetwise

Soaks: Distress Soak -4

Gear: Fancy Bowler Hat, Rough Outfit, Holdout Shotgun

Personality: Mean

Initiative: D6. Dodge: D4+D6. Rally: 2D8.

Big Bad Barry is a bit of a generalist, able to do a lot of different things well, without being exceptional. He can fight a bit, talk a bit and get around a bit.

Transport is used to operate any vehicle – bot, car, train, plane or whatever. In addition you can also attack better from a moving vehicle.

Stealth results in a bonus D12 to evasion checks for hiding and sneaking. You can also claim a bonus D12 to observation checks when suffering penalties due to concealing darkness.

Entourage is used to collect a group of hanger-ons to help you, either gang members, admirers or even extended family, depending on the situation. You get a number of dice, based on the type of follower you are trying to recruit. You get a follower plus one additional follower per success, once per episode.

Chemistry gives a D12 to Academic, Craft or Observation rolls that involve chemicals.

Distress Soak reduces damage by 4 once an episode, and rallies your friends on 1 success.

So there we have it, the collection of Urban Jungle characters. Coming up soon will be another system, and more (hopefully) interesting characters.

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