Let’s Build a World: Part Seven: Creation Myths

I was planning on moving on to the history part of the chapter next, but instead I came up with some ideas for creation myths.  Two of them actually, taken from either side of the cosmological clash.

Both sides see matters differently and both may have some actual points.  Which one is actually true?  Maybe neither, maybe both, at lest for a given value of true.

Note: these are rough first drafts.

The Pantheon’s Creation Myth

There was, at the first, the Ocean, and it lay still and silent beneath the cold light of the stars.  No winds marred it surface and no life dwelt in its depths.  And the Ocean was the Mother and her spirit passed through it.

For an age she existed with it until she looked up at the stars in the dark of night, and she perceived with in them the ghost of what could be, of a yearning to be and to live, an echo of life that had yet to achieve potential.

And the greatest of these she gathered to herself, forming it into a son, and she gave birth to him, and he emerged fully formed and grown.  Now as he didi, from the depths of the Ocean was likewise born in fire and turmoil an island, the first island, the first land.

And there upon the shores of it, beneath the glow of the fires of the Earth, did the Lord of Volcanoes take up his mantle and his dominion.

And there did he and his mother look up and they saw a darkness pass across the stars and they were troubled, for they knew not what it was, and it was some time before they recognised the emotions that bled from it, of a hate and anger so intense they could have burned the new formed land to cinders if it were possible.

Then did Father Earth ascend to the summit of the island, and he caused the volcano to erupt forth and it sent forth fire into the air, to land in the waters around, and as each surge of fire landed, it became land, and new islands were formed until the waters were filled with them.

But as yet they were empty and lifeless, so once more did Mother Ocean look to the stars, and she brought forth four more and gave birth to them, and these were the Sky Lord, the Sun Lord, the Lady of Life and the Lady of Love and Waters, and to each she assigned a place and bid them work together to shape the world and bring forth others to live in it and enjoy it.

Then did she rest, and she turned her thoughts towards the Darkness, for now it roiled across the heavens and sought to undo what had newly been made.

The Darkness’ Creation Myth

In the Time Before, there was only perfection.  The stars in the silent dark above, the ocean below, all was still and as it should be.  Fear and anger, hunger and pain and misery and emotions did not exist, and would not have, but for the actions of one.  The frozen, unchanging stillness did not allow for such things.

Thus would all have remained, if not for the one who dwelt in the oceans.  Envious, and desirous of domination, she gazed above, to where the spirits dwelt in frozen perfection, and these she began to wrench from their place, binding them to herself, imprisoning them in bodies and subjecting them to the frailties of chaos.  And through them she brought into existence land and life.

And the heavens groaned at her usurpation and her contamination, and the heavens awakened, for the Darkness took form, and thus began to struggle to return all creation to as it was and should be and will be, where perfect crystalline order reigns and once more the spirits are returned to their frozen perfection.

Next time we will actually make it to the history of the world.

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